Tony Favre was born in Aosta (Itay) in 1958, after various experience in graphic design he started with the wood sculptures.

From 80's he moved to Genoa where he started working on his 3D sculptures.

During those years he made a various artistic productions and in 2012 he creates a new collection called "Il Mondo in Bilico", an evocative universe where villages perched on an island in the sea are the only protagonists of the artist's poetic, a sort of "Neverland," where the dream and the reality meet each other in order to create an ideal world. 

The presence of human being is only imagined and never described.

The sculptures of "Il Mondo in Bilico" are made with wood essences (maple, poplar and larch) which after being molded and carved, are painted with hot pigment, a special technique that allows the wood to absorb the necessary amount of color needed to be maintained along the time. The insert of gold leaf and other special materials make the sculptures most amazing for the visitors.